Noctivagant (adj)  That wanders or roams about at night.

Oxford English Dictionary



Noctivagant Press is a quarterly online fantasy magazine dedicated to the world of the fantastical. We want to escape the 'real' and go into the dark to travel beyond the veil, landing in your imaginary worlds. You can take us there with your prose, poetry and visual art. 

Themes we love, but not limited to: trees, magic – both dark and light, portals, dragons, fairies, monsters, hidden worlds, colours, stone circles, myths, legends, enchanted woodlands, mountains, magical plants, the sky and the stars, horror (with fantasy), will-o'-the-wisp, barrows, curses and re-imagined folklore/tales.



As a small, independent magazine run by volunteers, we gratefully accept donations. Any donations kindly gifted to us are fully utilised for the on-going development of our magazine and to hopefully one day be in a position to pay our contributors. If you would like to contribute, you can buy us a honey mead here.

Thank you for your generosity!